Our Personal Training services at Method Athletics are provided by professionals with years of experience and the highest attainable levels of education. Our staff hold Doctorate degrees in human movement as well as additional certifications in Strength and Conditioning, including the gold-standard Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) certification, and Emergency Response for the Athlete (ERA). We are highly experienced professionals that have worked with athletes and individuals of all ages at all levels, including within the professional and Olympic sphere. Each of our sessions is in a private (1-on-1) or semi-private (2 or 3 individuals per coach) environment in order to facilitate an individualized training regimen built around every individual's body, goals, and ability. Don't let our education or practical background intimidate, we love working with any individual simply seeking to move better.

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Our facility is not open to the public. Train in a comfortable, private space with boutique-style amenities.


Our coaches are all Doctorate-educated with additional certifications in Strength and Conditioning and Emergency Response.


Every client receives a custom, individualized program based on their initial private assessment and goals.


I am not sure if I am ready for personal training due to inexperience or injury, how do I know if I am ready?  

Give us a call, we can figure it out together! As Doctors of Physical Therapy, we are one of, if not the most, qualified individuals to determine your aptitude for training. Unfortunately, many individuals believe that they simply can never exercise the way they used to due to an injury (deadlifts or squats, anyone?).  

With the right guidance, that rarely ends up being the case: we hope you are pleasantly surprised with how much you find out you are capable of!  

If public gyms are intimidating for you, we're hoping Method Athletics becomes your home away from home; we've intentionally designed our open floor plan to be as welcoming as possible. Access to our facility is intentionally limited in order to keep our space private and comfortable.  

I dig it! Can I bring a friend?  

You can! We offer private (1 client) and semi-private (2-3 client) training sessions. Semi-private training sessions are offered at a reduced rate per client.  

Do you offer group training?  

We believe in providing the best quality training centered around you as an individual; and unfortunately group training (more than 3 clients at a time) just isn't conducive to what we want to achieve. We do, however, offer our Unlimited Coaching service which allows you to train using your individualized program in a group environment; it's a wonderful alternative that offers the best of both worlds (private and group training).  

Speaking of discounts, do you have any more of those?  

Glad you asked! We love commitment, and to show our love we offer a 5% discount on all 8 session packages and a 10% discount on all 12 session packages.  

We also offer discounted rates for current students, athletes, and service members. Please reach out for more information.  

What type of training do you provide? HIIT? Strength Training? Bodybuilding? Powerlifting? Acrobatics?  

The short answer is we always design our workouts around you and your goals. We will always sit down and discuss how to best achieve them and what the training would look like to get there.  

Do you have pricing available online?

Due to our customizable solutions, costs of private training can vary significantly and we encourage you to reach out below for more information. We can accept HSA/FSA payments for our services in some cases as well. Please schedule a consultation to see how we can meet your needs!  

I'm interested. How do I proceed?  

Great! Fill out the contact form on our site, give us a call, or send the Method Athletics team an email at We look forward to working together!